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This video introduces about Polymer Nanosheet.
This video introduces about nanosheet electrode and Electrocardiogram measurement.
This video introduces about Electromyography measurement by using nanosheet electrode.
This video introduces about Electronics application.
This video introduces about Medical application.
This video introduces about Photo dynamic therapy application.
Nanosheet antenna coils for wireless powering

Graphene is used for transfer of inkjet-printed antenna coil onto biodegradable polymer nanosheets.

This technology helps low heat-resistive biodegradable substrates to be applied for flexible electronics.

Nanosheet antenna coils are adhesive to biological tissues and successful to light up a blue LED wirelessly.

Inkjet-Printed Flexible Neural Electrodes

The Inkjet-printed flexible neural electrodes recorded spikes from mouse in vivo, which is the first proof-of-concept study to apply the ultrathin microelectrode fabricated on the flexible polymeric nanofilm in neural technology.

Wearable Electromyography System Using Ultra-Thin Bioelectrodes and “Kirigami” Expandable Wiring

Expandable Wiring for Wearable Devices Inspired by "Kirigami"

Real-time measurement of palm muscle activity during pitching by combining ultra-thin polymeric electrodes and stretchy wiring

Discover the difference in palm muscle activity during pitching depending on the pitch type

PDLLA-based Porous Nanosheet that Promoted the Induction of ASC Spheroid Formation

Development of a freestanding porous nanosheet with optical transparency more than twice that of a nano-imprinted substrate for three-dimensional cell culture

Successfully created spheroids showing mRNA expression of proliferating factors

Antimicrobial effect of silver sulfadiazine crystalline-loaded nanosheets for burn injury

Micro-crystals of drug were sandwiched with nanosheets in order to load a sufficient amount of drug, to realize stable adhesion to the injury site and to suppress the initial burst of drug release. Silver sulfadiazine-loaded nanosheets can act as an effective treatment for partial-thickness burn injury.

Transferrable Ag-loaded nanosheets as an antimicrobial coating

Ag nanoparticle-loaded nanosheets were prepared by photoreduction of Ag+ in LbL nanosheets and were worked as a transferrable film material that can provide antimicrobial surfaces.

Conductive Polymer Nanosheets for Muscle Activity Monitoring

Roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication of free-standing PEDOT:PSS nanosheets and their application as skin-contact electrodes for detecting bio-electric signals.

Ultrathin epidermal strain sensor made from conductive polymer

Ultrathin sensor could measure fine deformations of human skin without less interference.

Research Topics

Nanosheet Group

Development of a free-standing ultra-thin and biocompatible polymer nanosheets

Imaging Group

To reveal a lot of unknown cellular activities, we are constructing novel fluorescent probes for bio-imaging

Liposome Group

Liposome should be multi-functional platform for drug delivery system

Platelet Group

Liposome based artificial platelets could promote platelet aggregation