Introduction / Nanosheet Group


Antimicrobial effect of silver sulfadiazine crystalline-loaded nanosheets for burn injury

Micro-crystals of drug were sandwiched with nanosheets in order to load a sufficient amount of drug, to realize stable adhesion to the injury site and to suppress the initial burst of drug release. Silver sulfadiazine-loaded nanosheets can act as an effective treatment for partial-thickness burn injury.

Transferrable Ag-loaded nanosheets as an antimicrobial coating

Ag nanoparticle-loaded nanosheets were prepared by photoreduction of Ag+ in LbL nanosheets and were worked as a transferrable film material that can provide antimicrobial surfaces.

Conductive Polymer Nanosheets for Muscle Activity Monitoring

Roll-to-roll (R2R) fabrication of free-standing PEDOT:PSS nanosheets and their application as skin-contact electrodes for detecting bio-electric signals.

Ultrathin epidermal strain sensor made from conductive polymer

Ultrathin sensor could measure fine deformations of human skin without less interference.

Research Topics

Nanosheet Group

Development of a free-standing ultra-thin and biocompatible polymer nanosheets

Imaging Group

To reveal a lot of unknown cellular activities, we are constructing novel fluorescent probes for bio-imaging

Liposome Group

Liposome should be multi-functional platform for drug delivery system

Platelet Group

Liposome based artificial platelets could promote platelet aggregation