Kento yamagishi and Morihito Hotta presented recent works in the 66th Society of Polymer Science, Japan Annual Meeting
Presentation No. "Title" (Presenter)
2J04 "Development of flexible elastomer nanosheet and their adhesion properties to biological tissue" (Kento Yamagishi)
3Pd110 "Preparation of W/O/W emulsion consisting of amino acid headgroup cationic lipid by microfluidic device" (Morihiro Hotta)


Prof. Shinji Takeoka prised the Waseda University Teaching Award.


Nana Kokubo will present recent works in the 40th Annual Meeting of Japan Neuroscience Society
Presentation No. "Title" (Presenter)
1P-368" Development of Ultra-Thin Electrodes by Inkjet Printing for Measuring Neuronal Signals" (Nana Kokubo)


Kohei Onishi, Daich Someya, Nana Kokubo, Isao Takahashi and Keiko Nakahara will present recent works in 97th Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting (3/16-19, Keio Univ, Japan)
Presentation No. "Title" (Presenter)
2C1-43 "The effect of assembling of siRNA and lipids on cellular uptake." (Kohei Onishi)
3E4-04 "Fabrication of fluorescent sensor nanosheets for pH mapping." (Daichi Someya)
3E4-02 "Development of polymer-nanosheet electrodes for measuring neuronal signals" (Nana Kokubo)
3B4-10 "Evaluation of adhesion property of polymer nanosheets to biological tissue surface" (Isao Takahashi)
2C1-46 "An evaluation on the binding abilities of H12-liposomes to activated platelets" (Keiko Nakahara)


Kento Yamagishi, Marin Okamoto, Yuma Tetsu will present recent works in 64th JSAP(The Japan Society of Applied Physics) Spring Meeting (3/14-17, PACIFICO YOKOHAMA, Kanagawa, Japan)
"Development of flexible elastomer ultra-thin films with adhesion properties to biological tissue surfaces" (Kento Yamagishi)
"Sandwich fixation of electronic elements using elastomeric thin films for skin-contact electronics" (Marin Okamoto)
"The development of ultrathin film strain gauge sensor for analysis of fine skin deformation" (Yuma Tetsu)

Message from Prof. TAKEOKA

Welcome to Takeoka Laboratory. Our Lab studies biomolecular assembling sciences for nano-medicine. Molecular assembling and cooperative phenomena of biomolecules and/or biomacromolecules give us useful implications to construct smart nanodevices having multi-functions for biomedical application (Nano-medicine). Our research group quests the molecular assembling science and engineering of amphiphilic molecules such as phospholipids, glycolipids, aminolipids, and polyethyleneglycol (PEG)-lipids interacted with biomacromoleucles such as bioactive compounds, genes or proteins, in order to design and construct the nanocarriers in biomedical applications such as controlled drug delivery and release systems.

Research Topics

Nanosheet Group

Development of a free-standing ultra-thin and biocompatible polymer nanosheets

Imaging Group

To reveal a lot of unknown cellular activities, we are constructing novel fluorescent probes for bio-imaging

Liposome Group

Liposome should be multi-functional platform for drug delivery system

Platelet Group

Liposome based artificial platelets could promote platelet aggregation