Toshinori Fujie, Yuma Tetsu, Yusuke Kido, and Takenori Nakanishi will present recent works in The 65th JSAP Spring Meeting, 2018 (3/17-20, 2018, Waseda University, Japan)

17p-F306-6 "Injectable Neural Electrodes on Flexible Polymer Nanosheets" (Toshinori Fujie)
18a-A204-9 "Development of inkjet-printed thin film antenna coil consisting of graphene flake" (Yuma Tetsu)
17p-P6-33 "Development of the inkjet-printed thin film heater for the wireless heater" (Yusuke Kido)
18a-A204-5 "Development of elastomer/metal particle-composited sinter-free printable, stretchable conductive inks" (Takenori Nakanishi)


Professor Shinji Takeoka was celebrated his birthday.


An original article written by Dr, Tianshu Li, Jieyan He and Prof. Shinji Takeoka was published in Nanomedicine.
"Lysine- containing cationic liposomes activate the NLRP3 inflammasome: effect of a spacer between the head group and the hydrophobic moieties of the lipids."
"Tianshu Li, Jieyan He, Gabor Horvath, Tomasz Prochnicki, Eicke Latz, Shinji Takeoka"


Kohei Onishi, Genki Komakine, Hiroto Sato, Kon Son presented recent works in The Society of Blood Substitutes (12/7-8, 2017 , Tokyo, Japan)

S2 "The effect of nanoformulation of nucleic acid and lipid assemblies on cellular uptake" (Kohei Onishi)
S20 "Preparation of ADP-encapsulating liposomes with ethanol injection method" (Genki Komakine)
S19 "Recovery test from total lipuid ventilation with oxygen micro nano bubble solution to gas ventilation" (Hiroto Sato)
S21 "Evasion of Accelerated Blood Clearance Phenomenon by Polysarcosine Coating of Liposomes" (Kon Son)


Toshinori Fujie, Nana Kokubo and Keiko Nakahara presented recent works in The 39th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials (11/20-21, 2017, TOWER HALL FUNABORI, Japan)

1A-SL2 "Development of Printed Nanofilms for Bio-Monitoring and Controlling System" (Toshinori Fujie)
1P-124 "Development of Ultra-Thin Electrodes by Inkjet Printing and Measurment of Neuronal Signals" (Nana Kokubo)
1P-091 "Evaluation method of binding ability of liposomes to activated platelets by fluorescence labeling method" (Keiko Nakahara)

Message from Prof. TAKEOKA

Welcome to Takeoka Laboratory. Our Lab studies biomolecular assembling sciences for nano-medicine. Molecular assembling and cooperative phenomena of biomolecules and/or biomacromolecules give us useful implications to construct smart nanodevices having multi-functions for biomedical application (Nano-medicine). Our research group quests the molecular assembling science and engineering of amphiphilic molecules such as phospholipids, glycolipids, aminolipids, and polyethyleneglycol (PEG)-lipids interacted with biomacromoleucles such as bioactive compounds, genes or proteins, in order to design and construct the nanocarriers in biomedical applications such as controlled drug delivery and release systems.

Research Topics

Nanosheet Group

Development of a free-standing ultra-thin and biocompatible polymer nanosheets

Imaging Group

To reveal a lot of unknown cellular activities, we are constructing novel fluorescent probes for bio-imaging

Liposome Group

Liposome should be multi-functional platform for drug delivery system

Platelet Group

Liposome based artificial platelets could promote platelet aggregation