Introduction / Imaging Group


Mitochondrial temperature measurement in living cells

Ratiometric fluorescent chemical probe with temperature sensitivity was synthesized. This probe accumulates in mitochondria of living cells by simple adding for observation of cell activitity and abnormality.

A Cu-free Clickable Fluorescent Probe for Intracellular Target Imaging

Synthesis of a Fluorescein-Conjugated DiBenzoCycloOctyne (FC-DBCO) for targeting of azide-modified small biomolecules by intracellular Cu-free click reaction.

Luminescence nanosheets enable ratiometric temperature mapping

The stacked nanosheets with thermosensitive and insensitive dyes mapped out the dynamic temperature shift with high resolution.

Research Topics

Nanosheet Group

Development of a free-standing ultra-thin and biocompatible polymer nanosheets

Imaging Group

To reveal a lot of unknown cellular activities, we are constructing novel fluorescent probes for bio-imaging

Liposome Group

Liposome should be multi-functional platform for drug delivery system

Platelet Group

Liposome based artificial platelets could promote platelet aggregation